These photographs, with their elegantly disturbing visual beauty, explore the artificiality of the contemporary world and human relationships within it. They depict various objects and fantasies of erotic pleasure, lust and desire, but with certain boundaries or illusions, be they spatial or material. Acting as visual puns, these intriguing compositions are providing the observer with multiple meanings, wherein a number of strange associations may capture the imagination.


Desire parodies the notions of the desirable and challenges the values of the cosy lifestyle and corporal aesthetic norms promoted by the mass media. The shiny but impermeable surfaces of plastic objects, and the palpability of plush textures, give ambivalent ideas about the stereotypes of seductive appearance and the sense of human alienation. The images from this series attempt to create a peculiar harmony between the longed-for and the accepted and between the seductive and the elusive. With reference to a number of psychological, moral and sexual ambiguities, they stand at the fragile crossroads between reality and dreams, flirting with eroticism, fetishism, advertizing and consumerism. Ultimately, they make their own comment about the collective folly of the contemporary world.