Do You Believe In True Love? is a project which began in 2015 during my stay at Linea de Costa in Cádiz, Spain, as artist-in-residence. It has continued to grow in other places, mostly in the Mediterranean region - places with a particular character and history, inhabited by real survivors and believers whose tough life conditions are graced with generosity and simplicity. Partly inspired by P. P. Pasolini's 1965 feature-length documentary film Comizi d'Amore (Love Meetings), this project consists of a series of photographs accompanied by interviews with ordinary people on the subject of love and its numerous permutations.


The interviewees were chosen for their character and position in society and the focus was on those who would supposedly know about life, because they mingle with lots of people. The questions were prepared in advance and put in a hat, so that each candidate could pick one or two. These usually warm and good-humoured persons were willing to share their opinions on random subjects such as seduction, fidelity, adultery and everything connected with the romantic and erotic relationships.